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The Pivot Point LAB is an innovative, integrated social learning environment built specifically for you and the beauty industry. By combining best-in-class educational content, creativity and a collaborative environment, LAB enhances your learning experience and propels you forward so you can be among the best in the industry.

Learn more in less time

Gone are the days of bulky textbooks. Be involved in your learning with an online platform that gets you straight to the core of what you need to know fast, so you can learn more in less time.

OCI: Learn more in less time
OCI: Fun & Engaging

Fun & Engaging

Stay connected to your peers and learn the way you want to learn. The collaborative LAB environment keeps you engaged and inspires you to learn more.

Learn on your own time

The flexible LAB platform means we stay completely up to date with the latest trends. This ensures you gain the most relevant real-life skills that will being you the most value, guaranteed.

OCI: Learn on your own time

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