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Common Questions We Hear…

What is Cosmetology?

Cosmetology is the trade name for what most people think of as a hair course. The education provider offers a full curriculum that focuses on 90% hairstyling, then teaches the basis for the services in Facials/Hair Removal/Make-up applications/Nail services – natural and enhancements.

Who would Cosmetology be best for- I think I just want hair?

Cosmetology is PERFECT for the candidate who knows they will manage or own a salon of their own one day. The skills they will be exposed to will give them the knowledge to educate clients, up selling the services offered within the establishment and so much more! Salon owners will benefit by being able to add so much more to their menu of services offered and keep as much income in house as possible. Having a wide range of skills allows the Cosmetologist options – rather than being singularly focused.- Not to mention if an employee calls in sick, the owner/manager can step in to competently perform these services in their absence.

What does an “Accredited School” mean to me and my schooling options?

Accreditation is a designation given to a educational facility that has met the strict (guidelines & rules & Regulations )set forth by the Provincial and Federal governing body’s to ensure the school is effectively delivering the curriculum that is current and relevant to the learner. This very important designation gives the student the confidence that they have chosen the finest training facility and curriculum available and will be support through many different avenues.

Why would I choose OCI over a larger community college?

OCI is a small family run educational facility that caters to the individual learner verses the large classroom delivery. With Okanagan Cosmetology Institue, your Senior Educational Administrator knows you by name and you work closely with the Instructors to ensure you are getting the skills needed to be successful. Your individual needs are given top priority by our experienced Instructors – not paced for the majority. The OCI courses are set up to be hands on, and we find this is the most effective way for the student to become confident and successful upon graduation.

Where can I get the money I need to attend OCI?

Students who wish to enroll in Cosmetology/Esthetics or a Nail Technician program may be eligible for student loan support. There are other options available through the commercial banks,private financing may also be available to candidates who meet the criteria. Okanagan Cosmetology Institute also offers Private Financing Options for eligible candidates Feel free to set up an appointment with the Director to discuss which option will best work for you and your situation or fill out this form to get the process going by clicking here.

What is your refund policy?

You can see our full refund policy here.

What Do I Receive Upon Completion of OCI Courses?

  • Hair Graduates
    Hairstyling with a trade designation in cosmetology allows students to graduate with a Internationally recognized Diploma with 1500 hours training from OCI.
    Two exams are available to graduates within BC :

    • Graduates can apply to the Industry Training Authority to challenge the exam for Hairstyling 0010 (Cosmetology) for a Certificate of Qualifications for BC. This C of Q is equivalent to the RED SEAL program throughout Canada.
  • Advanced Professional Esthetics Graduates
    Students graduate with a Internationally recognized Diploma with 1050 hours from OCI.
    Graduates are able to pay a fee for a voluntary exam in Esthetics with the Beauty Council for a voluntary Licensing program recognized in British Columbia only.
  • Graduates from OCI’s Nail Technician Course
    Nail technicians will graduate with a internationally recognized 400 hour certificate from OCI.
    Graduates are able to pay a fee for a voluntary exam in Nail Technician with the Beauty Council for a voluntary Licensing program recognized in British Columbia only.